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Professional Projects:

Game Title: Chronicle Abyss (Unreleased Indie-RPG Title)

09/2013 - 12/2016
Company: Nue Technique Studios LLC.




Music Production • Sound Design • Audio Implementation




Advanced Audio Post Production:

  • Practiced the creative development of audio postproduction elements such as sound design, music editing, and dialogue editing.

  • Learned concepts and practices of time code and synchronization.

  • Explored the digital audio workstation environment through the study of digital audio concepts and practices common in music and sound for media.

  • Received instruction and hands-on practical experience in mixing many different sound layers required for a final mix for a film or television sound track.

  • Proficient with “in the box” digital audio production methods and session management.


Music Production For Media:

  • Created music to fit within typical broadcast branding and advertising found in the real world.

  • Explored music in branding and marketing and learned to discern the elements that constitute standards in professional commercial music production.

  • Construction and production of advertisement campaign packages for Radio, Television and website branding.


Digital Recording Principals:

  • Explored principles and techniques of microphone techniques, gain staging and equalization

  • Received training on how to get professional-sounding results from my laptop-based project studio environment.

  • Practiced familiarization with standard music production practice.

Technical Skills:

  • Sound Design

  • Recording

  • Pro Tools

  • Audio Mixing and Processing

  • Original Composition

  • Logic

  • Post Production for TV/Film

  • Arrangement / Vocal Production

  • Sibelius

  • Interactive Audio



Full Sail University – Winter Park, FL 07/2016
Bachelors of Science Degree in Music Production

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